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Organizational Knowledge Management is firm-specific


Compartilho outra postagem feita hoje no grupo Knowledge Management Experts do Linkedin.

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Fernando Goldman

Again, I would like to reinforce the old idea that "You can not manage knowledge", even though I would like to believe that this is already a consensus.
On the other hand, the acceptance of Organizational Knowledge emergence idea is essentially a recognition that it can not be characterized only by the sum ( in this case:sharing) of knowledge of the individual components of the firm. This is a very important point, since if not adequately understood, the firm will try and will have difficulty to control your Organizational Knowledge through deduction rules or linear thinking that people usually use to manage anyone operational process, either commercial or technical.
Important is to understand that the mere accumulation of information does not guarantee the emergence of an Organizational Knowledge able to create the competitive advantages necessary for longevity of the firm. And more, as well as Organizational Knowledge is a firm-specific resource, the meta - process of KM must also be firm-specific. Of course, there are general concepts and fundaments which characterize KM discipline.

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