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KM is a set of intentional practices


Compartilho outra postagem, feita em 13.01.2010, no grupo Knowledge Management Experts do Linkedin.

Forte abraço

Fernando Goldman


As a first approximation, your definition of KM is very good.

"KM is a set of intentional practices, processes, principles and methodologies designed to support the continuous generation of new knowledge (innovation) by inculcating into the work flow of an organization, a cycle (or culture of continuous learning?) of iterative improvement, culminating in a level of organizational intelligence (or instinct) which leads to increased performance by allowing organizations to be agile, adaptive and innovative in the face of ever changing market (external) forces."

I think some details need to be refined, but it really is an excellent starting point.

I use a different definition of KM, but I acknowledge my definition is very specific of my view of KM. In my definition I talk about KM as a set of "actions and support practices used in order to coordenate and integrate policies and processes of organizational knowledge"

I guess some kinds of knowledge/ information in the firm are responsability of Corporate Education. These knowledge are so explicit that they can be supplied by e- learning or presential learning. They contribute to Organizational Knowledge, of course, but they do not create competitive advantages.

Let's wait for more comments, but I would like to propose that you would try to characterize the KM as a "meta-process that, by actions and support practices, acts on the policies and processes of the firm". I think this is important because many people think KM as producing knowledge.

What do you think about?

F. Goldman

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