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ICT does not create sustainable competitive advantages


Compartilho outra postagem, feita em 12.01.2010, no grupo Knowledge Management Experts do Linkedin.

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Fernando Goldman


I like and agree with most of your coments, but I'm afraid of emphasis on technological tools.

The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), through their tools, including Web 2.0, can play a important role in the Organizational Knowledge Management , being leveraging factor of actions that help to disseminate explicit knowledge of employees. In other words, ICT help to do the management of information that must be disseminated in the company to increase the integration of knowledge that the company has of itself and its business environment. Without good Information Management, there are no KM.

Important is to realize that ICT tools are a decisive part of KM, but they can not by itself adequately create Organizational Knowledge, which is the result of the interaction of tacit and explicit knowledge in the company. The creation of conditions enabling the creation of Organizational Knowledge should be seen as the main objective of the KM and in this respect, ICT can also work, but they do not have a so decisive role to create sustainable competitive advantages.

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