sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Como chamar a KM ?


Compartilho postagens de hoje no grupo Knowledge Management Experts do Linkedin.

Forte abraço

Fernando Goldman

I guess that KM only makes sense if understood as a meta-process that defines the actions and support practices used to improve policies and processes of firm to contribute to the better emergency of its Organizational Knowledge . The Organizational Knowledge, provide that well managed, allows the firm to seek sustainable competitive advantages and turns itself into a valuable and unique resource.
We can not manage knowledge - nobody can. What we can do is manage organizational knowledge, a complex phenomenon, by managing the environment in which knowledge can be created.
So to substitute the term "KM" I would call the discipline Organizational Knowledge Management. But I agree with David Gurteen that KM is only a label and it is not meant to be descriptive. So we should keep the term KM.

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