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Information is static, knowledge is dynamic


Compartilho outra postagem, feita em 12.01.2010, no grupo Knowledge Management Experts do Linkedin.

Forte abraço

Fernando Goldman


You Said: “Knowledge doesn’t exist independent from a person”. I agree.
After that, you said

“The information that comes from people who have experience with certain processes, and know the workarounds and tricks to many contexts is the information that is really handy, and this is what I think people refer to as explicit knowledge”.

You are right, but those people are wrong.

Some people refer to information as explicit knowledge, but this is a basic conceptual mistake. Do not matter how much good is information, it is information. It is static.

It is common that somebody confuse explicit knowledge and the produced from it content. The content is static. Explicit knowledge is dynamic. It is a capability that is possible to be transformed in a content. When it is a content, it is a kind of information and not more knowledge. As a content, it do not have the capability to change. To improve itself.

If somebody inform this content to another person, this person may be able - or not - to use this information to produce new knowledge. Never the same knowledge, but a new knowledge. The knowledge of that new person.

Do you agree with this?

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