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Dando uma força para o David Gurteen


Recebi um mailing do simpático David Gurteen, que esteve conosco no KM Brasil de 2008 fazendo uma das palestras principais. Ele se diz preocupado com o baixo número de adesões da América do Sul na lista para receber sua "Gurteen Knowledge Letter ". Bem, minha contribuição possível é reproduzir aqui neste espaço o pedido dele e recomendar que subscrevam a Gurteen Knowledge Letter , pois ela traz sempre coisas bem interessantes sobre KM mundial.

Forte abraço

Fernando Goldman

To: Gurteen Knowledge Community Members in South America

I have been publishing the Gurteen Knowledge Letter now for over 8 years and it is read by over 16,000 people around the world. Its a work of love and I am delighted when people tell me how much they enjoy it or how it has changed their lives in some small way. Although 16,000 people may seem like a lot - in the context of the web - it is small and I would love to grow the readership substantially. The Letter is only received by 350 people in South America and after speaking at KM Brasil last year and seeing the immense interest in Knowledge Management I would particularly like to see more readers. So do you think you could help me by telling your friends and colleagues about the Knowledge Letter by pointing them to this page:


A huge thanks in anticipation :

-) Best wishes


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